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PrintForge - Allow anyone to easily modify your branded or proprietary artwork in ways you can control

PrintForge is a unique new software product aimed toward allowing corporate print documents to be edited online. It was originally designed for a very large customer that designs thousands of pieces of artwork annually for their distributors and retailers, who in turn must customize various aspects of the artwork to fit their businesses and their markets.

Most large corporations have hundreds or thousands of documents or promotional artwork pieces that would be far more useful if they could be changed with a simple web browser. PrintForge allows our customers to do just that. It gets even better when you realize that corporations now have the ability to build promotions that can be customized by sales representatives on the fly, right at their wholesale customer's site. PrintForge is an incredibly useful tool.

As an example, a manufacturer may distribute many promotional banners or shelf cards to their retail customers that either have to be customized at the distributor, a lengthy process, or using the "magic marker method" once the retailer receives them, ruining an otherwise great-looking product. PrintForge allows the sales rep to quickly and easily customize on-the-fly promotional materials in a few minutes during a customer visit. The new materials are ready almost immediately.

Picture a possible PrintForge scenario: A college football game ends, and as the fans are filing out of the stadium the local bars are getting freshly-printed posters and table tents that reflect the final score and have the right message for a popular alcoholic beverage. Promotions like that haven't been possible before, but they are now, with PrintForge.

We feel confident that PrintForge is going to change the face of promotional advertising. Please contact us if your company would like to double its promotions and increase its brand quality in the near future.

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